Faith of Our Future

The Diocese of Trenton, led by Bishop David O’Connell, has embarked upon a new program to help plan for the future of the parishes in the Diocese by making sure each parish has the resources it needs to meet the needs of its parishioners in the future.  The Diocese is seeing both a shifting of its population and a diminishing number of priests due to retirements and a low enrollment of new seminarians.  He has asked that each parish complete a report on how it is doing in various defined areas.

Core Teams were established in each parish and given the task of completing their parish reports, with input from the parishioners and visitors to the parish.   Our report was submitted in mid-March.  We then experienced the next phase of the program which was to meet with parishes near us in what is called a Cohort group.  All of the parish core team members join in a cohort committee with the team members from the other parishes in our cohort.  Our cohort report was submitted to the Diocese at the end of May.  Our next task is to review the recommendations of the Diocese Planning Committee which dealt with all of the cohorts in Monmouth County, and their suggestions before they get submitted to Bishop O’Connell, who will make the final decisons as to any changes in the parishes of the county.

To find out more about the Faith in Our Future program you can view a six-minute video message from Bishop O’Connell introducing Faith in Our Future at and also look at additional materials about the program that are on that website.

Thank you.

St. Clement Core Team – Father Thomas Vala, Chairman Bruce Quinn, Dorothy McLaughlin, Edward Devlin, Robert Gallo